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Monday, June 15, 2009

WaKe uP MusliM!!! sEe Wat Av U dOne!!!WheRe iS uR prOtEcTionS???

If this can happens for the past 8 years, the possibility to happen again is very high..We should study the history(the part where we have done a lot of mistakes) in order to improve ourselves,country and the most important thing is to protect our RELIGION!!

On the second day of his groundbreaking visit to Syria Pope John Paul II made history, becoming the first Roman Catholic pontiff to enter a Muslim place of worship. The Pope visited Syria's historic Umayyad Mosque, built over a Byzantine cathedral in the 7th century and housing the tomb of John the Baptist.

On Sunday, Pope John Paul became the first Roman Catholic pontiff to enter a Muslim place of worship

He spent a silent minute in prayer at the tomb in the Umayyad Mosque where St John the Baptist is believed to be buried

BBC News, 6 May, 2001

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FdausAmad said...

Gua nak jemput lu dtg kenduri kat blog gua.
Follow terus pun xpa.Ikut baca doa.

Blog gua tu dah tak seimbang.Ramai budak berat belah punk.

Gua dah 6 hari merantau jemput kenduri ni.

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